The Good Accelerator

A 12-month program investing in emerging leaders and their missions to change Romania.

These emerging leaders are the people that bring hope to their communities by boldly carrying out their mission to address the many problems that Romania is facing.

The Good Accelerator is a 12-month program that brings concentrated funding and support along with an invitation to join a like-minded community of leaders. The intensive effort is designed to help them launch a new mission or make an even greater impact where they’re serving already.

We help leaders do more good.

Personal Growth

We help care for the individual leader to ensure they are supported.

Capacity Building

We help accelerate & scale the impact of their mission.

Community Support

We help connect them into the broader network of leaders, experts & donors

The goal of the Good Accelerator

is to equip, connect and support emerging leaders to succeed in bringing their mission to life, accelerate the good in Romania and become game-changers for their nation.


What happens in the


month program?

Invest 100 EUR monthly into their mission.

Customized coaching to help each leader in their personal growth & development.

Individual & Group Meetups throughout the year.

Online trainings to increase their organizational impact.

Broker relationships with the right partners & donors.

3-day retreat to help them clarify their vision & build community.

Join a life-long community of ongoing support.

Meet the Leaders

Eli Neicut

Encouraging & Inspiring Romanians to Volunteer

Eli Vorbeste, Bucharest

Madalina Tivga

Empowering kids in placement centers to rise above their challenges and grasp their future

Andrei Vatra

Supporting access to good education for kids in rural communities

Grow & Know, Brasov

Alexandrina Kiss

Creating life-changing opportunities for at-risk people


Iris Popescu

Creating an equitable society through inclusive design

AMAIS, Bucharest

Andreas Samuelsson

Providing sustainable employment for Roma communities

Kenosis Design, Timisoara

Flavius Ilioni-Loga

Building a community of support for refugees in Romania

LOGS Association, Timisoara

Vlad Grigoras

Bringing innovation to the Romanian education system

Daniel Bocancea

Creating a community for people to explore their faith

IntroHome, Bucharest

Andrei Stefan

Fighting Substance Abuse

Georgiana Aldessa Lincan

Promoting Roma Women’s Rights

Claudia Cochina

Bringing change and innovation through education

Andreea Pontos

Helping restore victims of human trafficking

People to People Foundation,

László Bodor

Empowering generosity in Romania

Envision, Bucharest

Alin Apostu

Building an entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem across Romania

Ghita Ignat

Providing sustainable employment for former prisoners

Dragos Vlasceanu

Changing the future of children with autism

Adelina Florescu

Helping teenagers achieve their dreams

A few kind words

Bogdan Ivanel with Code for Romania

Our Partners

You can help, too.

We each have a part to play in bringing change to Romania.

When you develop leaders, you:

Combat trafficking.

Serve vulnerable youth.

Fight for social justice.

Promote education.

Demand basic human rights.

Spread hope.

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