Funding, network and support for rising Romanian leaders.

We invest in leaders and their missions to change a nation.

Empowered Leaders

Great leaders are emerging in Romania. We connect them with the support they need to do more.

Meaningful Connections

Many are working in silos around the country, so we bring leaders and investors together to multiply their impact.

Lasting Change

With enough capital, the right connections, and a community supporting them - these leaders are changing Romania, for good.

Romania is facing real challenges.

Brain drain. Poverty. Human trafficking. Just to name a few.

As one of the poorest countries in the European Union, Romania is still overcoming the devastation of 40+ years of communism. We are losing our most educated to Western Europe at a rate of every one in six. And, nearly half the children in the country face the risk of poverty and social exclusion, making Romania the #1 source country for victims of human trafficking in the EU.

Leaders are rising up.

Despite decades of being an overlooked country, Romanian leaders are showing up, eager to bring light back to their country and offer hope to their people. They are trailblazers, change agents, history-makers. They see injustice and are bold enough to do something about it. 

Trouble is – helping is hard. Especially here.

A passion to help rarely means that leaders have what they need to make the impact they want.

Too often, leaders lack the resources and community they need to bring their missions to life. 

We help leaders do more good.

First, we find leaders with incredible potential.

Then, provide them with funding, network, and support.

And, they become game-changers for their nation.

Our Partners

Good Bureau is a broker for social good.

We connect investors with those leaders doing good in Romania in three ways:

Good Business Fund

The Good Business Fund is an philanthropic impact investment fund that invests in Romanian entrepreneurs and their businesses to help them grow and make a lasting social impact.

Coming Soon

Good Accelerator

The Good Accelerator is a 12-month program that brings concentrated funding and support along with an invitation to join a like-minded community of leaders. The intensive effort is designed to help them launch a new mission or make an even greater impact where they’re serving already.

Good NGO Fund

 The Good NGO Fund is a mutual fund for social good. The fund is open for philanthropic investments that are used to provide ongoing support and encouragement to Romanian leaders, their teams, and their missions.

Coming Soon

Meet a few of Romania’s history-makers.

Bogdan Ivanel

Code for Romania

Laetitia Dragan

Asociatia Free

Want to meet more leaders?

Head over to our blog.


You can help, too.

We each have a part to play in bringing change to Romania.

When you develop leaders, you:

Combat trafficking.

Serve vulnerable youth.

Fight for social justice.

Promote education.

Demand basic human rights.

Spread hope.

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